MS Stream Quick Guide to using videos with Blackboard

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? TELTip: Help students better engage with your recordings. Learn more “Creating better screencasts“.

Stream is the University supported platform you should use to host all learning video content you create for the 2020/21 and 2021/22 academic years.

It’s similar to having a YouTube tool for the University and allows you to upload, share and stream videos. This functionality allows you to set permissions on recordings in Microsoft Stream and share these recordings with your Blackboard module for students to access.

Stream groups are created which correspond to enrolments on 2020/21 Blackboard modules (plus 2021/22 modules from 12th July 2021).
When you add a screencast to Stream, giving permissions to a course Stream group will allow your students to access the recording.  A daily synchronisation keeps your enrolments up to date and ensures that the recordings appear automatically in your Blackboard module under a dedicated and clearly-named link in the menu.

It is essential that the Microsoft Stream content area on your course menu is not deleted or renamed – if it is, the integration with Stream will be broken.
You can hide the content area (set it as unavailable) if you do not want students to access Stream content in this way.

The steps below give an overview of a video’s journey, from when you make the recording through to its appearance on Blackboard. It is important that you follow the steps to ensure settings are correctly applied within Stream.

The table includes links to articles displayed on the MS Stream Index. We would also recommend watching the two videos referenced in the table below, MS Stream: module playlists and groups and Setting permissions and managing group access in Microsoft Stream.

See also Good practice when sharing screencasts with students.


Reusing Stream videos in 2021/22

If you want to make videos created in 2020/21 visible to the new cohort of students in 2021/22, you will need to add permissions for the 2021/22 Stream Group to each video.

Please see Reusing Stream Videos with your students in 2021/22


Create your content using PowerPoint, Teams Meetings or another recommended tool.

Recommended Guide: How to I choose software for recording my screencast?

Case 1: If recording via Microsoft 365 tools such as PowerPoint, you can export directly to MS Stream.

Recommended Guide: Uploading from Microsoft PowerPoint

Case 2: When recording in Teams Meeting, your video will automatically be uploaded to your content area.

Recommended Guide: Share recording from Microsoft Teams

Case 3: Upload your recording to Microsoft Stream.

Recommended Guide: Uploading content to Microsoft Stream

Case 4: Upload multiple videos to a Stream Group - this can be a good approach if you have lots of videos to share with a single Blackboard course.

Recommended Guide: Batch Uploading Videos

Important: When uploading to Stream, ensure you have unticked the option ‘Allow everyone in your company to view this video”.

Add your new Stream groups to your videos to ensure students have the necessary viewing permissions. All Stream groups start with the prefix BB followed by the year (19, 20, 21) and your module code e.g. (BB20_AB1CD-20-1MOD).

Recommended Guides: MS Stream: How to add permissions for a Blackboard module and Setting permissions and managing group access in Microsoft Stream (video)

Important: Check the Permissions are set to “Display” only.  This is essential otherwise students on your Blackboard course will be able to edit the recording.

We would recommend that you have more than one owner in your Stream group; in a case of staff absence a second owner can upload or release videos if needed.

Recommended Guides: MS Stream: How to Add Permissions for a Blackboard Module and MS Stream: module playlists and groups (video)

Important: All Instructors on Blackboard modules will have owner permissions in Stream. If you want a colleague to also be an owner on your Stream group, make them an Instructor on your Blackboard module. These permissions will then be carried over during the next daily sync.

Recommended Guides: MS Stream: Groups and MS Stream: module playlists and groups (video)

Important: This is essential as it ensures only the Stream group owner(s) can upload to your Stream group. Leaving this box checked will mean students can upload to your Stream group.

Do not delete or rename your Stream groups in this section. The group names are essential for the successful importing of students into the groups. The system periodically looks for changed group names. Should a group name be changed, you'll receive an automatic alert informing you that the name has been reset to the correct name.

Your Stream module playlist and videos will now also appear within your Blackboard module under the Microsoft Stream link in your course menu.

Recommended Guide: MS Stream: module playlists and groups (video)

Important: It is essential that you DO NOT REMOVE OR RENAME this item in Blackboard; the link in Blackboard is required for the group creation process.

Embed your videos within your Blackboard module pages, to allow students to view them alongside other learning content as well as the option to browse video in the Microsoft Stream platform.

Recommended Guide: MS Stream: Embed your Video in Blackboard

For 2020/21 and 2021/22 a Microsoft Stream area is added to the menu of all Blackboard courses which represent one or more 2020/21 RISIS modules (Blackboard courses ending in MOD or SUP).

A nightly routine updates Stream permissions based on Blackboard course enrolments.

Important: If you need to share Microsoft Stream content with a Blackboard organisation, or course ending in PR you should raise a ticket via the DTS Self Service Portal