Solutions for Mac users: Recording Screencasts and Uploading to Stream

Mac users should note the following when recording/uploading to MS Stream.

  • PowerPoint for Mac Users:

To record camera over PowerPoint slides, ensure you are using the latest version of Office (contact if you are unsure). Other recording options include Record using Quicktime, or Record a personal meeting in MS Teams if you have a strong internet connection.

You will not be able to upload direct to MS Stream from PowerPoint. You will need to export the recorded Powerpoint as a video file (mp4) then manually upload to MS Stream.


*Note: Select low, medium or high quality to output .mp4 (the default output 'Best Quality' generates .mov file)

  • If using a  MS Teams Meeting to record your presentation, the session recording will upload automatically to MS Stream. You will receive an email containing a link to the recording.



Page last updated on April 7, 2021 by jackiefairbairn

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