Solutions for Mac users: Recording using Quick Time

Find Quicktime

Search for QuickTime – you can use the ‘spotlight search’ in top right

Showing Quicktime in search list

When open, QuickTime may ask if you wish to open an existing project. Click Done to close this dialogue box.

Existing project window


Record your Camera: New Movie Recording

To begin a camera feed, select File > New Movie Recording

File menu with new movie recording

NB: use ‘New Movie Recording’ to display a camera feed only, do not press the red dot ‘record’ button. The camera feed window can be resized and repositioned, by dragging the edges of the window or click&drag the window.

Video window from new movie recording

You will need to start this feature to be able to record a talking head video in the side of any screen recording.

To ensure the camera feed will always ‘float’ over your other desktop visuals (i.e. PowerPoint slides) select View>Float On Top

Showing View menu option 

Record Powerpoint or Screencast: New Screen Recording

To record everything on your screen, including the camera feed, go to File>New Screen Recording

File menu, New Screen recording

Select the screen area you wish to record.

Please see this very good Apple guide: How to record your screen, to see the best way to record your screen.

Page last updated on November 2, 2020 by Peter Moll

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