MS Teams: Making a recording

You can use Microsoft Teams and Stream to make recordings using video, audio and screencast, or just audio and screencast as required. Please refer to What Technologies Should I Use? to plan how to organise your live teaching and recorded teaching throughout the term.

Caution!Because of privacy concerns, you should not record interactive Teams meetings with students. See Online Teaching – What technologies should I use?


Caution!If you are using the web app you may not be able to share your screen.  
Make sure you are using the desktop app for Teams.

To create a recording

    • Open Teams
    • Go to your Calendar in Teams:
      Teams Calendar icon
    • Click on the Meet now button:
      Teams Meet Now button
Please make sure you use Meet Now in your personal calendar and not within a Team. Recording a video in a Team will add it to the Team group and appear in anything this is linked to on MS Stream. You can always add these permissions afterwards.
  • Join the meeting by clicking on Join now (if using the web app you may be asked to allow your browser to use your camera and microphone)
    Teams Join Now button
  • Turn the camera on if you want to record yourself:
    icon showing camera on
  • Make sure the microphone is on to record your voice:
  • When you move your cursor over the screen, a meeting menu bar will appear at the bottom of the screen:
  • Teams meeting toolbar
  • Cick the More actions button (looks like three dots).
  • From the drop-down menu, select Start recording.
    Teams Meeting options menu
  • A Privacy Policy notice will display.
    Teams recording message
  • Share your PowerPoint slides, documents etc. in the Teams meeting using the Share button.
    Teams Share icon
  • When you use share you can
    • Share your desktop – anything that shows on your desktop will appear in the recording.
    • Share a window – simply select the one you want to display from the windows tiled along the bottom of your screen.
    • Share a PowerPoint presentation – your most recent files will be tiled at the bottom of the screen or you can click on ‘Browse’ to locate the file.
    • Share Microsoft Whiteboard at the bottom of the screen – you can use the whiteboard tools to draw on the screen and your actions will be recorded.
  • When you have finished your recording, click on the More actions button (looks like three dots) again.
  • Select Stop recording.

Showing More options menu, Stop Recording

  • The recording will now end and will be saved in Microsoft Stream.
  • You can now leave the meeting by hanging up the phone – click on the Red phone icon.
  • You will receive an email when the content is ready to stream.Teams recording ready in Stream - email notification
  • Click on the ‘publish, view, edit or share’ option to be taken to Stream, where you can edit the recording properties, and edit who it is shared with.


Record a Teams meeting

You can of course also record a meeting which is being held in Teams. When in the Teams meeting, follow the same steps shown above to start recording.


Record Button not available

Some users have identified that their button is ‘greyed out’ and they cannot switch on recording. If this is the case for you, please submit a ticket using the  IT Self Service Portal. This has been seen when a user joined as a ‘Guest’ rather than with their Office 365 account.