Sharing Stream Videos with your Blackboard Modules

Teaching and Learning video content for 2022/23 onwards should be stored in Yuja.

Stream Groups will not be created for Blackboard courses in 2022/23, and Stream should not be used for new Teaching and Learning content after 10th July 2022.

For updates check the TEL blog.

Microsoft Groups are used to manage permissions to content in Stream.

There are three types of Group you are likely to have access to:

DTS create a Stream Group for every 2021/22 Blackboard course representing one or more modules (i.e. all courses ending 21-2MOD).

Instructors on the Blackboard course are Owners of the Stream Group. They can share video content with the Group – and thus with their students – and create Channels within the Group.

Two other course roles also provide Owner status in the Stream Group:

  • Course Builder with Stream
  • Teaching Assistant with Stream

These roles can be used if you have colleagues who need to create Stream content, but where Instructor is not an appropriate role to give them in the Blackboard course.

They can be useful where a module runs both in the UK and in Malaysia – see Cross campus video permissions in Stream. 

These new roles should always be used for PGR students who need to create and add video content to a module. 

 All other staff and student course members are Members of the Stream Group.

Stream Groups for courses have a name in the format BB**_blackboard-course-id

where ** corresponds to the start of the relevant academic year for the module e.g. BB21_ ABC123-21-2MOD

Important - preventing students from sharing videos with the Group:
When the Stream Groups are created they allow any member - including students - to share videos with the rest of the Group. You will almost certainly want to disable this. See Prevent students from uploading videos to your Stream Channel

The name of the Group should not be changed.
Do not change the group name as this will cause issues with the Blackboard integration and other applications for the group.

Do not delete the Group in Stream
It goes without saying that, if you delete the Group in Stream, your students will lose all access to the videos which had been shared with it.
Do not ever select this option!

Please note: you cannot go directly into Stream and add Owners or Members to these Groups.
Membership of these Groups is controlled entirely by the Blackboard-Stream integration. If appropriate you can grant access to Stream videos by enrolling additional users onto your Blackboard course. You could also share your videos with specific named individuals.

If you need an Organisation to be included in the Stream integration you will need to request this by logging a ticket via the DTS Self-Service portal. Please make sure you provide the exact name and/or ID of the Blackboard Organisation.

All of the information above relating to courses applies to Organisations.

The one difference is that Stream Groups for Organisations have a name in the format BBORG_ e.g. BBORG_BIUGBRIEFCASE

A Microsoft Group is created automatically when a Team is created in Microsoft Teams.

People who are listed as the Owner of a Team will also be an Owner in the related Stream Group. Those who are Members of a Team, will also be Members of the Stream Group. Groups and Channel settings Microsoft article.


Stream Groups and Permissions

You can share Stream videos with individual people (staff or student), with one or more Groups, or with one or more Channels.

Watch the following video for a step by step guide to Stream Groups and Permissions:

Please note the names of Stream Groups for Blackboard courses have changed since this video was created – you now need to search for  ‘BB21_‘ (for 2021/22 courses) and then the module code.

Go to My Content > Videos, then select Update video details.

Update video details button on a Stream video

Under Permissions choose People from the drop-down list.

Start typing a name into the box, then press the Search icon (magnifying glass).

Select the correct person from the search results.

Adding an individual to Stream video permissions

You can continue to search for and select people with whom to share the video.

When done, press Apply.

It is also possible - but not recommended - to make the video visible to anyone in the University (both staff and students).

This is controlled by the box marked 'Allow everyone in your company to view this video'.

Share Stream video with everyone

Important information!Videos should normally be shared only with Groups or Channels or individuals - not made visible to the entire organisation.
Caution!It is very important that you do not tick the 'Allow everyone in your company to view this video' box accidentally.
In some cases - for instance if you record a video directly in Stream - this box will be ticked by default, so you will have to make sure you untick it.

Allow everyone to view this video option ticked by default

Go to My Content > Videos and click on the Add to group/channel icon.

Again, follow the same procedure, but from the drop-down list select Channels, then search for and select the required Channel.

Share Stream video with a Channel

As with the other examples on this page, you can share a video with more than one Channel.

Find out more about Stream Channels


Blackboard Playlists

You can share video content with your students via a Blackboard Course.

Watch this video to find out more:

Please note the names of Stream Groups for Blackboard courses have changed since this video was created – you now need to search for  ‘BB21_‘ (for 2021/22 courses) and then the module code.

DTS create a Stream Group for every 2020/21 and 2021/22 Blackboard course representing one or more modules (i.e. all courses ending MOD or SUP). This creates a course ‘playlist’ in Stream. Inside the Microsoft Stream content area of your course you will find

  • a link to the ‘playlist’
  • videos from the ‘playlist’ embedded into the page.

Staff and students enrolled on the Blackboard course are added to the Stream Group each night, with the appropriate permissions, so all students on the course should be able to access these videos without difficulty.

See ‘Groups which correspond to a Blackboard course’ above.


You must enrol staff or students on your Blackboard module in order for them to see the video – adding members manually will be deleted by the integration script. If you have shared videos with specific individuals who are not in the Stream Group, those sharing permissions will be unaffected by this.

You will need to prevent students being able to add any videos they upload into Stream to a Group associated to a Blackboard Module instructors should ensure that the “Allow all members to contribute” option for Stream Groups is unchecked.

Inside Blackboard you will find a content area, created by DTS, with a link to the Module ‘playlist’.

A Blackboard Course menu with Microsoft Stream link highlighted.

It is essential that the Microsoft Stream content area is not deleted or renamed. You can hide the content area (set it as unavailable) if you do not want students to access Stream content in this way.

To set permissions in Stream

In the Video Content area, Click Update video details

When in the video update area, go to the Permissions area and select My groups from the Share with drop down menu.

On Stream permissions, this image shows the user filtering the "Share with" field to "My Groups"

Start typing ‘BB20_‘ (for 2020/21 courses) or ‘BB21_‘ (for 2021/22 courses) and then the module code and press Enter to return the results. Select the group which will show.

A list of Stream Groups

If you are sharing with a Blackboard Organisation, start typing ‘BBORG

Check the Permissions are set to Display only, otherwise students on the course will have full access to the video editing.

The display checkbox of the Stream permissions

Click Apply at the top of the screen.

Caution!You cannot manually edit the membership of Stream Groups created by the Blackboard integration. If you need other students or colleagues to be able to access the Stream Group, you will have to
* ensure that they are enrolled on the relevant Blackboard course
* or share specific videos with specific named individuals.

Embed your video

Good practice recommends embedding your video into a section of your Blackboard module that sits in context of other learning resources for your students.

For further details see: MS Stream: Embed your Video in Blackboard



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