Gradescope: Setting up a ‘Homework/Problem Set’ assignment

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Create a Homework / Problem Set assignment – students upload a PDF

This is the assignment type to choose for assessments where students complete work on paper, then scan it and upload to Gradescope.

In your Gradescope course click on Assignments on the collapsible left-hand menu.

Then on Create Assignment in the centre of the screen.

Create Gradescope assignment

Choose Homework / Problem Set and click Next to proceed.

Create Gradescope assignment - press Next

Assignment settings

Recommended settings for Gradescope coursework and Take Home Exams – Programme Administrators please contact the TEL team for detailed advice on settings to use.

Screenshot of the Gradescope Assignment creation screen

  1. Assignment Name

    This should be clear and unambiguous, and for summative assessments should correspond to the assessment name as defined in RISIS.

  2. Template

    Upload the question paper here. For Take Home Exams, attach the exam paper here.
    The file must be a PDF, not a Word document.

  3. Submission Anonymization

    Tick Enable Anonymous Grading to hide students’ names from markers. See Anonymous Grading on the Gradescope help site for details.

  4. Who will upload submissions?

    Choose Student.

  5. Release Date

    This is like the ‘Start Date’ in Turnitin or the ‘Display After’ date in Blackboard – in other words, the time at which the assignment should become visible to students.

  6. Due Date

    Set the deadline by which work should be submitted.

  7. Allow late submissions

    Tick the box to allow late submissions.

    Additionally, set a Late Due Date – the time after which students can no longer submit.
    For obvious reasons, this should be after the Due Date.

  8. Enforce time limit

    For Take Home Exams, you will almost certainly want to tick this box, to set a time limit.
    The same may also apply to “in-class tests” delivered through Gradescope.

    Enter the Maximum Time Permitted in minutes.
    Students will not be able to submit once this time has elapsed.

  9. Submission Type

    Select Variable Length.

  10. Group Submission

    Do not tick the box to enable group submission.

  11. Template visibility

    Tick to Allow students to view and download the template (the assignment brief or exam paper)

When done, press Create Assignment.

Now you will be asked to create an assignment Outline.


Editing assignment settings

You can return to edit the assignments settings later if necessary.

On the Assignments screen click on the settings icon (3 dots) on the extreme right of the screen, and choose Assignment Settings.

Edit Gradescope assignment settings

Optional settings

For exams, to be sure that students will not be able to view their marked papers, edit the assignment settings and select Hide all rubric items.

See Hide rubric items.

Disabling Regrade Attempts

By default students are able to submit Regrade requests for all assignments, and you will need to disable this for each assignment you set up.

See Disable Regrade requests.