MS Stream: Reusing Stream Videos with your students in 2021/22

Any video content that you produce for your students should be uploaded and shared from Stream, not uploaded directly into Blackboard.

Following the Blackboard course rollover, Microsoft Stream Groups have been created for all 2021/2 courses that meet the integration conditions (all courses ending 21-2MOD, SUP or MA).

Staff have been added to these Groups as owners or members, determined by their role on the Blackboard course – staff with the roles of Instructor, TA with Stream or Course Builder with Stream are owners, and all others are members.

If you are the owner of a Stream Group you can share videos from Stream with the associated Blackboard course.

Important: Stream content shared with students in 2020/21 must be shared again with your 2021/22 students.

Although any Stream links embedded into your Blackboard will have been copied forward, it was not possible to automatically update the permissions on these videos, so they will not play for the students on the 21/22 course.  You will need to set the permissions on each video to include the new BB21_ Stream group.
The flowchart below summarises what steps you should take if you want to:

Flowchart showing options for Stream content copied to your 2021/22 Blackboard course - click to view version with selectable text and hyperlinks.

Flowchart showing options for Stream content copied to your 2021/22 Blackboard course – click to view full size, with hyperlinks.


Locating your videos in Stream

From your Blackboard course

Wherever you have a video embedded in your Blackboard course, hover over the video name then click on this to open the video in Stream.

Access a Stream video from Blackboard

Then click on the three dots and choose Add to group/channel from the menu.

Add Stream video to a Group

By searching for videos in Stream

Use the Search bar at the top of the Stream screen to search for individual videos.

Stream Search box

The search looks at video titles, descriptions and tags, but not the Stream Group name – so unless you have labelled each video with your module code you won’t be able to use this to search on.

Via the 2020/21 Stream Group

Go to Stream, then My Content > Groups at the top of the screen.

If you belong to a lot of Teams or Stream Groups you may have to choose ‘Show More’ and Ctrl+F to search for and find the Group you want (you can use your module code to search).

Once in the Group go to the ‘Videos’ tab. You can then open each video in turn and edit the permissions.

Icon to edit a Stream video

Adding permissions for your 2021/22 students

Please see Sharing Stream Videos with your Blackboard Modules.

When searching for the correct group to share with, remember that the Stream Group name for all 2021/22 courses begins BB21_.

So if you wish to share with Blackboard course AP2A66-21-2MOD you should search Stream for BB21_AP2A66 (or just search for BB21 then use the drop-down list to select the right course).

When sharing a video with your course, the Display box needs to be ticked.

Do not tick the Owner box as that will give edit / delete permissions to your students.

Sharing permissions for Stream videos


Before term starts, please remember to Prevent students from being able to upload videos to the new Stream Group.

Page last updated on September 22, 2021 by taralehane

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