Blackboard: Accessing Blackboard Portfolios

Accessing the Portfolios Area

Blackboard Portfolios are accessed via Tools on the Blackboard menu.

  1. Click to open Tools then select Portfolios.

Blackboard menu with Tools page open and Portfolios link indicated

On the My Portfolios home page students will click Create Portfolio to access

Portfolios home page highlighting the create portfolio button

Once a student has created a portfolio they can share this with you.

To access the portfolios select

1.  Shared with Me

Portfolios shard with me screen

2. Click Open to view the portfolio.

This will open a snapshot of the portfolio. You cannot edit this but you can add comments.

To add comments Click Comments

Open portfolio highlighting how to add comments

This opens the comments window. Click Add Comments

Add Comments window

Portfolio comments page with text editor open and comments added

Once you have added your comment. Click Submit to close the window.

The window changes and shows a list of your comments. If you would like to add further comments click Add Comments at the top of the list.

Add more comments to the portfolio

Page last updated on January 25, 2023 by taralehane

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