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In Ultra Based Navigation (UBN) some of the functions which were accessible via the Global Navigation bar are now placed more prominently in the base navigation menu.

Marks is a link for students to their My Marks page and for Staff to the Grades Centre.

Finding your course on Marks page

When you open the Marks page the top bannermarked as A on the next imagewill show which selection of courses you are looking at. The right and left arrows can be used to move through the course lists pages:

  • Current Courses (all)
  • Sandbox (practice courses)
  • Practice Exams
  • Organisations
  • 2021/22 – keep scrolling left for previous year courses

Each course will appear as a table.

Marks page as it appears in the Blackboard Menu. Marked on image is A: top menu to select course lists, B: Link to all assessment view of course, C: notification of assessment for marking plus link to grades centre

Needs Marking

When there is something in the Grades Centre that needs marking it will show on the course tableas indicated by the lable B on last image.with details of number of assessments submitted and number to mark.

When some students have not yet submitted the Icon will appear in red.  The number of “missing” submissions will be written in red.

View All Work

To view assessments that do not have any unmarked work click on “view all work”.indicated by C on the last image.

Each column in the Grades Centre, that does not have un-marked submissions, will be listed with details of the number of submissions and whether they are all marked or have nothing to mark (i.e. automatically marked tests).

Course list showing all assessment


  • Turnitin Turnitin Assingment icon
  • Blackboard Assessment Blackboard Assessment Icon
  • Blackboard TestBlackboard Test icon
  • Blackboard Discussion Board Blackboard Discussion Board icon
  • Blackboard Journal Blackboard Journal icon
  • Blackboard Blogs Blackboard Blogs icon
  • Weighted Column (i.e. Turnitin IC columns) Weighted column icon

When there are “missing submissions” (enrolled students who have not submitted) the icon will appear in red red Blackboard assignment iconRed Turnitin icon

Grades Centre columns hidden from student view have a diagonal line through the icon Blackboard Assignment missing submissions and hidden from students icon

Course Mark

The number which appears in the black “pill” shape in the top right-hand corner of each course table is the the % average (mean) for the Total column.

Course details with the total average score button highlighted.

Please ignore this number.

The figure comes from the Total column in the Grades Centre, which is set as the “External Grade” as default.  This can be changed to any column in the grades centre by selecting “set as External Mark” from the chosen column’s contextual menu.

The Total column is not available to students so this figure will not show for students.

Grade Centre

When you click on any of the Assessment titles the Grade Centre for that Course will open.

Grades Centre view in a course



Page last updated on March 27, 2023 by taralehane

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