Turnitin Assignment – Retrieving Archived Assignments

Important: All Turnitin assignments created on courses prior to 22/23 academic year (i.e. 21/22 and beyond) have been archived, and cannot be accessed via Blackboard. However, staff can access old submission points directly via Turnitinuk.com.

Whilst courses /modules on Blackboard remain available for the duration of a student’s studies, you may find that through special circumstances such as student suspension of studies, exam board requirements or even requests from former students, some older courses have been archived following the five year process of courses on Blackboard.

If this occurs, and you need to access Turnitin assignments, there is an alternative method to having to request DTS open the course and student enrolments again.

Any available Blackboard Course might include an Expired Turnitin Class. These simply require reopening if any further action is needed.

You can also edit these in TurnitinUK.com
Showing the expired class messages in TurnitinUK

Access Papers using TurnitinUK

Whilst we integrate our Turnitin Assignments with Blackboard, Turnitin provide an external site which mirrors the assignments. Whilst we never will use this for assignment submissions, it can be helpful to view Turnitin assignments outside of the Blackboard interface and course usage.

You can access all courses you have been registered as an instructor or student for and look at the submissions within these.

Go to https://www.turnitinuk.com/

You will need to login using the email address registered with Turnitin .  For most staff this will be your University username email ab123456@reading.ac.uk.

You can check the registered email address by going into enrolled users’ list of one of the courses where you are enrolled as instructor. For Henley Business school users, the registered email could be e.g. firstname.lastname@henley.ac.uk.

Your password however will be different to your Reading account, and so unless you have previously , you should use Forgot your password so you can reset it.

Once logged in, make sure that Instructor is showing at the top of the page. This will show you a list of all courses or ‘Classes’ you are registered for in Turnitin.

Highlighting the Instructor option in the top menu tab

Open the course you need, and you’ll see your assignments listed.

The list of classes highlighting the Class you wish to access.


In the list of Assignments , you can select the one you need and Click View.

Showing how to View the assignment inbox for an assignment

You should now be able to open up or download the papers pretty much the same as if accessing Turnitin the normal way.

The download options of a paper assignment in the Turnitin inbox

Page last updated on March 5, 2024 by Asif Muhammad

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