Yuja: Inserting content in a Blackboard course

The main way of collating video resources for a Blackboard course is to publish the videos to the relevant Channel. This makes the content accessible to all course members.

See Publishing to a Channel

However, as with videos stored in Stream, you will normally want to embed or link to your screencasts and other video content from a specific place in your Blackboard course.

There are two ways of doing this.

Embed a video in a Blackboard content Item

You can use the YuJa Media Chooser to embed one or more YuJa videos into a Blackboard content item.

  • Create your Item and add any required text.
  • Then click on the + (Add Content) icon on the editing toolbar.Blackboard Add Content icon
  • Now click on YuJa media chooser
    Screenshot of Yuja media chooser option on the Add Content menu
  • This opens the Media Chooser where you can select the video(s) you want to insert.All of your videos are listed, but you can use the Search bar to find what you need.
    And it’s not immediately obvious, but you can in fact narrow your search to specific folders, keywords, tags etc.
    See the YuJa article on Searching the Media Library for full details of the advanced search options.Searching the YuJa Media Chooser
  • Once you have located the correct video(s), click to highlight and select, then click on Insert Content.Select and insert your content
  • The video(s) will be inserted into the Blackboard content item.
    Screenshot of a Blackboard Blackboard content item with embedded YuJa video


You can also use the YuJa Media Chooser from the Build Content menu to link to a video from a Blackboard content area.

Please note: this simply creates a link to the video – you can’t view the video directly in Blackboard.

  • In any Blackboard content area, click on Build Content.
    Yuja media chooser option on the Build Content menu
  • Then search for the video you want to link to (see searching tips above).
  • Select the media item to insert, and press Insert Content.
  • When first created the link displays the same as any other web link in Blackboard, with the title of the YuJa video.

YuJa video inserted from Build Content - YuJa Media Chooser

  • However you can then Edit the Blackboard link to
    • edit the title
    • add additional descriptive text and/or file attachments.

Link to a YuJa video - title and description edited


When you link to or embed a YuJa video in your Blackboard course, students on the course automatically get access – but the video is NOT published to the course Channel.

Page last updated on January 17, 2022 by mattjones

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