Turnitin LTI: Delete submitted paper

Deleting a paper from the Inbox

Why might I need to do this?

You may need to delete a submission made to a Turnitin Assignment. For example, if a student mistakenly submits the wrong file and the assignment settings only allows a student to submit once.

Deleting assignments should be done with caution and in accordance with the following advice:

  • Students receive an email receipt for a submission they make with the date / time of submission and the unique paper ID given to that submission. If you delete the student’s submission, the student still has the digital receipt as proof of submission but you no longer have access to the assignment.
  • If you decide to delete the file, before doing so, you should download the Original Paper and a copy of the digital receipt  in case it is needed at a future point. There is a guide detailing how to download papers in this way at https://sites.reading.ac.uk/tel-support/2022/03/09/turnitin-lti-download-files/
  • You should not delete marked assignments.
  • Any staff involved in the marking process for the deleted work should be kept informed.
  • Deleting a file from the assignment inbox does not delete it from the Turnitin database – Open a IT ticket if you need to permanently remove a paper from Turnitin by emailing dts@reading.ac.uk.  Please give details of the assignment, paper and reason for request.


If you delete a file by accident – especially if the paper has already been marked – please log a support ticket immediately. Do not attempt to fix the problem yourself, as this may actually make matters worse. If you contact us straight away, we may well be able to get Turnitin to restore the deleted paper, mark and feedback.

How to Delete a paper from the Assignment Inbox

To delete the draft:

1.    Go to the Assignment Inbox via the submission point.

Turnitin submission point with the title hightlighed to show that clicking on the title will open the Turnitin Assignment Inbox.

2.    From the Assignment Inbox, click the three dots in the Options column beside the name of a student and assignment paper to select it.

Turnitin Assignment Inbox with the Options menu open at the end of a student's row in the grid. The last option on the menu "delete" is circled.

4.    A warning message will appear asking for confirmation of your intention to delete the paper.  Click Confirm.

Pop-up warning message. Delete Submission Confirmation "Are you sure you want to delete this item?" Canel and Confirm buttons

Click Confirm and the paper will deleted from the Assignment Inbox.

Please note that any paper deleted in this way will be removed from the assignment inbox, but will remain in the Turnitin database until the student resubmits to the same assignment. In other words, this is not the route to pursue if you wish to permanently remove a paper from the Turnitin database. To do this, you should log a call with the Service Desk, providing precise details of the course, assignment, and paper to be deleted.

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