Turnitin LTI: QuickMarks – Create a set

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This guide relates only to assignments created using the new Turnitin LTI assignment tool.

What are QuickMarks?

QuickMarks is the name used within Turnitin for frequently used comments that can be inserted into a student’s assignment. These comments can be created, saved and re-used on any assignment from an individual marker’s library of comments.  They are available from the QuickMarks section of the Instructor Feedback toolbar when marking an assignment using the Turnitin Feedback Studio.

How to Access the QuickMark manager

To create and edit your Quick Marks, and curate your collection, can all now be done from the Quick Marks library.

This is accessed through the Feedback Studio when marking student work.

In the feedback studio Click to add a Quick Mark 

QuickMarks tool open in the Feedback Studio in the right-hand side panel with the cog icon circled.

Click on the Manage QuickMarks Cog

This will open the Quick Mark Manager.

You can select existing collections, manage existing quick marks or create your own new set.

Creating a new QuickMark set

Select Create New Set from the menu.

Name your new set and Save

Creating New Quick mark set and Save

Select the + button to add to your new QuickMark comment/

Create new QuickMark window with the plus icon circled.

Add the Title which will display on the paper, and the description which elaborates the comment.

Create a QuickMark window with the title and description added.

You can add your new QuickMarks to other sets in the library.

Create a QuickMark window with the option to add to additional QM sets open and a list of QM sets displayed in a drop down box for selection.

Close the window and your new QuickMark set will be listed in the QuickMark manger.