Turnitin LTI: Set up a Turnitin Assignment

This guide relates only to assignments created using the new Turnitin LTI assignment tool.


Setting up a Turnitin Assignment has changed.  We are now using an LTI version which has a different set up process from the version in use previously.

Set up a Turnitin LTI Assignment

Please see our guide Turnitin LTI: Workflow for Administrators for a clear workflow including this first step of setting up the submission point.

In the Assessment area go to Build Content > Turnitin LTI Assignment

Showing the Turnitin LTI link in the Build Content menu

In the set up screen add your Assignment Title and Instructions. Add your Points possible, now under Max Grade.

The Turnitin settings area


As before the start date will be when you create the assignment, and you can add the Due date using the calendar. Click on the Clock icon to change to the due time.

Click Date and time on menu

Repeat for the Post Date, now renamed Feedback Release Date.

Before opening in the optional Settings, tick the Enable PeerMark box if you will be using the PeerMark assignment feature.

Optional Settings

Submission Settings and Rubric

The Submission Settings and rubric manager portion of the Optional Settings

Select whether the assignments will be sent to Turnitin’s data archive. under Submit Papers to. This is usually set to Standard paper repository, but you can choose ‘Do not store the submitted paper’ for draft submission areas.

Selecting Allow submission of any file type will allow any type of file to be uploaded to Turnitin, but won’t produce a similarity report for non-office type files, and larger or non standard PowerPoint files.

Select whether late submissions are allowed

  • Schools with a single submission point = Yes
  • Schools with separate on-time and post-deadline submission points
    on-time assignment = No
    post-deadline assignment = Yes

Select whether you will be using anonymous marking.

Attach a rubric to mark with, and choose from your Rubric list or Launch the rubric manager to create a new one.

Post-deadline submission points

The due date and start date for the post-deadline submission point would normally both be the same as the official deadline for this assignment. However Turnitin will not now allow you to set the due date as the same as the start date. Therefore, please set the post-deadline due date as 1 minute later than the official deadline.

For example

on-time assignment due date 12:00
post-deadline assignment start date 12:00

due date 12:01


⚠ WARNING! Turnitin may appear to allow you to save the same date and time for Start and Due dates but will saved the Due date as 24 hours after the Start date. The original due date will show Blackboard but will be altered in Turnitin.

Similarity Settings

These settings help you set the most useful similarity report parameters for the assignment.

Turnitin LTI Similarity Report settings

  1. Compare against
    leave all of these selected.
  2. Generate Similarity Reports for student submission
    Choose when similarity reports are generated and whether students can resubmit until the deadline.The three similarity report generating options
  3. Allow students to view Similarity Reports
    Select whether students will see a Similarity Report for this assignment.
  4. Exclude bibliographic materials
    Select the checkbox to exclude text appearing in the bibliography, works cited, or references sections of student papers from being checked for matches when generating Originality Reports. You can overwrite this setting in individual Similarity Reports.
  5. Exclude quoted materials
    Select the checkbox to exclude quotations from being checked for matches when generating Similarity Reports. You can overwrite this setting in individual Similarity Reports.
  6. Exclude small sources
    Select the checkbox to exclude matches that are not of sufficient length (determined by you) from being considered when generating Similarity Reports. A box will appear, where you can exclude matches by word count or by percentage
  7. Exclude assignment template
    You can now also exclude any proformas or templates from the similarity to see the true match to original work. You can upload the blank document all student use for the assignment here.

Exclude Template and Submit button

Submit and Edit the Assignment

After completing all the settings, and choosing whether to save these for next time, click Submit.

The Assignment will appear in the content area.

New Assignment in Content area


Hide the Grade Centre column

The Grades Centre column will not be automatically hidden from students you will need to hide it by using the Blackboard Edit options for the submission point or hide the column in the Grades Centre.

Hide Column from Edit page

Locate the new submission point in the content area and open the contextual menu, select Edit.

screenshot of Edit option on submission point menu

In the edit page go to the option Visible to Students and change it to “No”, this will hide the Grades Centre column from students.

screenshot of edit page with Visibility to student option

You can use the Description text box on this page to add instructions to the submission point for students.  It has the advantage of having the full formatting options of the Blackboard Editor.

Press Submit.

Hide Column in the Grades Centre

In the Grades Centre your new submission point will be at the far right-hand side of the grid of columns.

Open the column menu, by clicking on the grey icon, and select Hide from student on/off.

screenshot of column menu in Grades Centre

This will immediately hide the column from students.

When a column is hidden from students the an icon will appear at the top of the column, a grey spot with a pink line through it.

Check the Turnitin LTI: Workflow for Administrators for next steps.


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