Turnitin LTI: Workflow for Administrators

This guide relates only to assignments created using the new Turnitin LTI assignment tool.

Turnitin Changes for Programme Administrators

For all assignments with a due date of 1st August 2022 or later we will be using a new version of Turnitin that will integrate with Blackboard via a LTI integration.

This applies to all Blackboard courses for the academic year 2022/3, but also coursework resubmission and resit exams, Summer 2022.

For Administrators this will change the workflow for a number of processes.

  • Setting up assignments
  • Editing assignments
  • Emailing non-submitters
  • Enabling Moderation within 15 days with anonymity on
  • Revealing Marks and Feedback to students

Setting up an Assignment

When setting up a submission point the following workflow is recommend

Create the submission point 

  1. Set the Assignment Title, Dates and Max Grade
  2. Leave Instructions blank
  3. Complete all Optional Settings
  4. Save

Edit an LTI Assignment

  1. Add the submission Instructions
  2. Set Visible to Students to No (hides Grades Centre column)
  3. Set Open in New Window to Yes
  4. Submit

It is recommended to leave the Availability dates blank on the Edit page.

The Turnitin Start Date will automatically populate in the Adaptive Release rules.

Adaptive Release page with the Start Date inserted and the available from date

Leave the Display Until date as blank.  Students will require access to the submission point to check for their submission receipt.


Editing an Assignment

If you need to edit assignment settings, this may be done via Settings in the Assignment Inbox, or in Blackboard by choosing Edit from the submission point contextual menu.

Submission Point showing that clicking on the title opens the Turnitin Inbox and clicking edit from the contextual menu to open the Blackboard edit page.

Where to edit assignment settings – summary

In the Turnitin Assignment Inbox click on the cog icon to open the Settings page.

Top of Assignment inbox with the Settings cog icon circled.

From the Settings area you can edit:

  • Allow submission of any file type
  • Allow late submissions
  • Anonymous marking
  • Attach a rubric
  • Similarity Report Settings
  • Exclude assignment template

Cannot edit:

  • Assignment Title
  • Start or Due date
  • Max Grade (Points Possible)
  • Instructions

Turnitin LTI submission point with the Blackboard Edit option highlighted.

From the Blackboard Edit page you can edit:

        • Assignment Title
        • Points Possible (Max Grade)
        • Visible to students (controls the visibility of the assignment to students via My Marks and Feedback)
        • Due Date
        • Instructions
        • Open in New Window

Availability – Use adaptive release if need to change the assignment Start Date.

Submission point contextual menu with Adaptive Release circled

If you use Adaptive Release to hide the submission point after the deadline this will have to be revealed again after the postdate to allow students to view their feedback.



In Turnitin LTI it is possible to download a Submission List which names each student and whether they have submitted Yes/No.

When anonymity is on the names of students who have submitted are anonymised, but the non-submitters are named.

Submission List downloadable from Assignment Inbox

To send out a reminder to students who have not submitted you can use the Send Reminder function in the Grades Centre.


Moderation within 15 day TAT when anonymity is on

Anonymous marking works differently in Turnitin LTI, which means the barriers to Moderation before the anonymity has lifted are no longer an issue.

With Turnitin LTI the following can be performed when Anonymity is on:

  • You can order by any of the column headings including by Grade even when anonymity is on.
  • You can search the inbox for information in any of the columns, including Paper ID, submission title etc.
  • You can download a submissions list where the non-submitters are named.


Release Marks to Students

There is no automatic “reveal grades to students on post date” with Turnitin LTI.  It will be necessary to reveal the column to students in the Grades Centre as with other Blackboard assessments.

There is no Sync Grades or Roster Sync function with the LTI integration – these are no longer required.




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