Turnitin LTI: Learning Analytics Dashboard

This guide relates only to assignments created using the new Turnitin LTI assignment tool.

Learning Analytics Dashboard

The Learning Analytics Dashboard gives you valuable insights into how students have engaged with their assignment directly inside of the LTI Inbox. These summary statistics provide another tool for you to use to help determine where to concentrate further investigation and learning development.

See the Turnitin guide Learning Analytics Dashboard for more details.

Showing full screen of Analylics page, five bar charts a pie chart and a table showing data on Submissions timeline, Similarity Score, Average Scource of similarity, number of submissions and resubmissions, feedback viewed data and online grading including rubric data.

Submission Timeline

Showing a bar chart of submissions timeline. One bar has been selected and the date and number of submissions on that day are revealed in a pop up box.

Bar chart showing pattern of submission by date. Hover over each bar to see the actual number of submissions.

  • Red bars represent late submissions (will only happen if “Allow late submissions” is selected).
  • Each time a student submits is recorded as a submission so if you have allowed resubmissions there may be more submissions than students.


Similarity Score

Showing the similarity score bar chart displaying the distribution of scores for the students in the course.

Bar chart showing similarity report by average score. Hover over each bar to see the actual number of submissions.

This can be useful to identify possible patterns to investigate further, such as large groupings of lower similarity scores. It is possible to order the Inbox by similarity score to identify these students.

Source Variety

Showing a bar chart of the average source variety - where the matches in the similarity report has been made, Internet, Submitted works or Publications.
Break down of similarity matches by source, Internet, Submitted works to Turnitin repository and Publications.



Showing diagram of the number of submissions made. Number of students on the course who have submitted and Number of those who have submitted who have submitted more than once.

Number of submissions and resubmission.

  • The number of submissions shows how many students, out of all the students on the roster, submitted. Light blue section represents non-submitters.
  • The resubmissions shows how many students out of those who submitted made more than one submission.



Showing a feedback diagram have students viewed their feedback Yes or No and the numbers which have and haven't

Statistics on how many viewed their feedback and when, these statistics will only start collating after the Feedback Release date.


Online Grade Report

This report shows data on how the Online Grading elements, use Feedback Type to toggle between QuickMarks and Rubric/Form.

For QuickMarks it will show how often each QuickMark was used per student.

Showing the togle from Rubric/Form to QuickMarks in the Online Grading Report. QuickMarks report showing number of times QuickMarks are used per student.
For Rubrics or Grade Forms it will show what score or rating your gave to each student.

Showing online grading report for rubric - students listed with their rubric results.


Export data to an Excel file

It is possible to download all this data in to an Excel spreadsheet. In the top right-hand corner of the screen click on Export Full Data.

Showing button for "Export Full Data" option which will download an Excel spreadsheet of the data.

Spreadsheet of Turnitin LTI statstics

Grade Report

Submissions and similarity report data can also be downloaded in the Grade Report. See our guide Turnitin LTI: Exporting grades and submission list for more details.

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