Turnitin LTI Assignment: Setting Up A Smart View for Turnitin for External Examiners

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When using Turnitin LTI traditional Blackboard Grade Centre Smartviews do not work. This is due to the LTI Turnitin columns not having a catagory to filter by. They also open the whole of the Turnitin Assignment inbox for each assignment, not the single student papers selected, and so when looking at a specific user, you will have to re-search their name within the inbox.

A work around for this is by using groups.  Groups can be used to create a smart view for the student selection within the Grade centre, and can also then be used in each Turnitin Assignment to filter the students.

Set Up Group Smart View

In your Blackboard Course create some new manual enrol groups. Do not make them available to students.

Setting Group not availalbe to students

Select Create Smart View

Create Smart View Check Box

Add the student sample to the group.

In the Grade Centre Smart View Menu add as a favourite. The name you gave the group will be the smart view title, with the prefix ident ‘Group:’

Selecting as a favourite using star

External Examiners will then be able to see it in the Grade Centre area of the contol panel to filter the Grade Centre.

Smart View Filter


Filter Group in Turnitin LTI

You will be able to use your groups in Turnitin to filter each assignment inbox by group.

Access each assignment through the grade centre smart view filter or the submission point.

Showing how to access the inbox from the grade Centre or the assessment area

By default the inbox will show All Students. You can filter the students shown by using the drop down group filter menus.

Showing how to filter groups in the inbox