Accessing Central University Video Resources in YuJa

You can access central university video resources (such as Library or Study Advice guides) via the Shared area within YuJa.

Click a YuJa link in any Blackboard module, or visit directly and access the Shared area (where you can find the Channels for your modules).

Central video resources are stored under the ‘Shared Folders’ heading.

Shared Folders in YuJa

This area is accessible to both staff and students.

Adding Central University Video Resources to Your Blackboard Module

Staff can locate videos stored in the Shared Folders area via the YuJa Media Chooser in Blackboard to embed central university video resources directly into a module.

Access the YuJa Media Chooser via the Add Content menu in an item and select the ‘filter’ option next to the Search bar.

Filter option next to search bar in YuJa Media Chooser

Under ‘Filter by Location’ select ‘Choose Location’

Filter Location, Choose Locaton

Select ‘Shared Folders’

Shared Folders top level view

From here, choose the folder you wish to draw videos from and select ‘View Folder’

Library Resources folder in Shared Folders view

This will allow you to select individual videos from the Shared Folder to embed into your module.


Page last updated on August 12, 2022 by mattjones

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