Turnitin LTI: How to Export and Import Rubrics

This guide relates only to assignments created using the new Turnitin LTI assignment tool.

Sharing your rubrics with colleagues

What does Exporting and Importing a Rubric do?

This guide describes how to share a rubric you have designed with someone else and add someone else’s rubric to your set of rubrics within Turnitin.

The list of rubrics you create in Turnitin is personal to you. Once you have attached a rubric to an assignment, it can be used by anyone marking that assignment. But if colleagues want to use your rubric on another assignment, or on another course, they need to import it into their own Rubric Library. To allow them to do this, you can download the rubric using the Export option in the Rubric Manager, and then send the file to them.

If someone sends you a Turnitin rubric file (.rbc) you can add it to your list of rubrics by using the Import option in the Rubric Manager.

There is also the option to import a rubric using an MS Excel spreadsheet.


Three ways to Exporting and Importing rubrics

This method uses the Rubric Manager accessed during setting up Turnitin Assignment or via setting when the assignment has been set up. Recommended for Programme Administrators.

This method uses the Rubric Manger accessed during marking or via any submitted paper in the Assignment inbox. Recommended for Markers.

This method is useful if you do not have access to a rubric other than a version already used in a previous assignment.

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