Turnitin LTI: Submission due date and time

Display of date and time to students:

Turnitin assignment start date, due date, and feedback release date are always set according to UK time (BST or GMT as appropriate).

However Turnitin displays assignment dates and times according to the time zone set on your device.

For example students submitting work from Malaysia, and with their laptop set to local MYT time, will see all assignments dates displayed as local time -7 (when the UK is on BST) or -8 (when the UK is on GMT).

Please note: Turnitin displays times based on the time zone set on your computer, rather than your physical location in the world. For example, if a student is in the UK, but their computer clock is set to a non UK time zone, then Turnitin will display the date and time in the UTC equivalent of its UK time zone.

To avoid confusions

  • Students in the UK should set their computer clock  to UK time zone i.e. (UTC +00:00 Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London).
  • If you have students based overseas, when mentioning due dates in places like assignment descriptions or Blackboard announcements please make it clear that all due dates are in UK time.  That is, add GMT or BST as appropriate when typing the date and time.

Submission receipts

Because the default time zone on the university institutional Turnitin account is set to UK, the downloaded digital receipt will display the submission timestamp in UK time – regardless of the student’s timezone. Please see images below for comparison.

Display of date and time for staff on UoR Blackboard:

When Programme Admins or instructors create, edit or view a Turnitin assignment. The start/due/feedback release dates and times displayed on screen are in UK time.

Display of date and time for staff on NUIST Blackboard:

Turnitin account on NUIST Blackboard is set to mainland China as default time zone. Therefore, staff on NUIST Blackboard will see Turnitin date and time relevant to the time in mainland China, and students would see the equivalent UTC time based on whatever time zone is set on their computer clock.

Both staff and students in China accessing NUIST Blackboard should also consider setting their computer clocks to the correct time zone.

Image below shows time zone in GMT (UK time)

Image showing Turnitin assignment information in UK format

Image below shows time zone in UTC format

Image showing Turnitin assignment information in UTC format


Page last updated on December 13, 2022 by Asif Muhammad

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