Online Exams Practice areas

Online Exam Practice areas for 2023 are now live:

PRACTICE_EXAM_ACC_2023 Online Exams – Accounting
PRACTICE_EXAM_ACD_2023 Online Exams – Typography
PRACTICE_EXAM_APD_2023 Online Exams – Agriculture
PRACTICE_EXAM_BEN_2023 Online Exams – Construction Management
PRACTICE_EXAM_BIT_2023 Online Exams – BIT
PRACTICE_EXAM_CHEMFOOD_2023 Online Exams – Chemistry & Food
PRACTICE_EXAM_HUM_2023 Online Exams – Classics & History
PRACTICE_EXAM_IFP_2023 Online Exams – IFP
PRACTICE_EXAM_LAW_2023 Online Exams – Law
PRACTICE_EXAM_LL_2023 Online Exams – Literature & Languages
PRACTICE_EXAM_MM_2023 Online Exams – Management
PRACTICE_EXAM_MPCS_2023 Online Exams – Mathematical, Physical & Computational Sciences
PRACTICE_EXAM_PCLS_2023 Online Exams – Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences
PRACTICE_EXAM_PHARM_2023 Online Exams – Pharmacy
PRACTICE_EXAM_REP_2023 Online Exams – Real Estate
PRACTICE_EXAM_SAGES_2023 Online Exams – Archaeology, Geography & Environmental Science
PRACTICE_EXAM_SBS_2023 Online Exams – Biological Sciences
PRACTICE_EXAM_SPEIR_2023 Online Exams – Economics & Politics


Students have been added to these based on module enrolments, so those taking modules from more than one School will see more than one Practice course.

Staff wishing to access a Practice course

If you wish to add yourself to any of these courses

  1. Sign in to Blackboard.
  2. Return here and click on the relevant link.
  3. You will then see this page – click on click here to enrol.
    Click here to enrol
  4. You will then be taken to the Practice course – click on the +Enrol button.
    Course self-enrol button


The Practice courses have the following content:

  1. Announcements
  2. Online Exams information
    • Introduction to Practice Course
    • Key Points regarding Online Exams
    • Where to get Support
  3. Instructions for Online Exams
    • the generic cover sheet information which will accompany the majority of exams
  4. Academic Integrity Statement
    • a declaration on academic integrity which will accompany every exam
  5. Practice submission area
    • Practice exam papers/tests for all types of exams being offered


Students are strongly advised to make use of the Online Exams Practice courses (which will be open for the duration of the exam period) to become familiar with generic instructions they will see, to identify and address early any technical problems they may have and to have an opportunity to practise a range of submission options (including submission of hand written exams).


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