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This guide relates to Blackboard Learn ULTRA

What is the Content Market?

The Content Market is an area where you can access available third party tools (for instance Talis and YuJa) and insert them into your Ultra Course Content.

How do I access the Content Market?

When adding content in a content area hover over the divider line where you would like to add the content and click on the plus icon to reveal the Add Content menu.

The fourth option on the Add Content menu is Content Market.

The Content Market can also be accessed via

  • Books & Course Tools in the Details and Actions menu on the left-hand side
  • or the Ultra Editor plus menu, when creating a Document or Assessment.

At the top of the page there are links to some content providers. In the main section of the page under the heading Institution Tools are all the LTI tools we use at the University of Reading.

Institution Tools

The Institutional Tools can also be accessed via Books and Tools in the Details and Actions menu on the right-hand side of the Content screen.

Accessibility Report

The Accessibility Report is an LTI link to the Ally Course accessibility score page. There are two tabs, Overview and Content.  The Overview give the overall score, a breakdown of types of content and highlights content that requires changes to increase the ally score.  The content tab lists all the content with number of issues and score results.


The are two Gradescope LTI options, Gradescope (Course Link) and Gradescope Assignment.

Use Gradescope (Course link) if you would like to add a link to Gradescope for staff and/or students in the Course Content. Click on the plus icon to add a Gradescope link to the Course Content.

Use Gradescope Assignment if you would like to set-up and add a Gradescope Assignment to the Course Content.

Maple TA

Maple TA is used by a small number of Maths courses, please contact the TEL team via it@reading.ac.uk for advice on how to use this link.


Use Talis LTI to add a link to your reading list to the Course Content. Once you have set up your course reading list, click on the plus icon to add the Reading List link to the Course Content.

Turnitin LTI Assignment

The Turnitin LTI Assignment link will open the Turnitin set up page and add the assignment once created to the Course Content.


There are two YuJa LTI links.  YuJa Video and YuJa media chooser.

YuJa Video will add a link to YuJa to your Content Area, click on the plus icon.

YuJa media chooser will open your YuJa My Media area and allow you to select a video to insert into the Course Content.

The YuJa media chooser can also be access via the Content Market option the the Ultra editor, allowing you to add videos to Discussions, Documents, Announcements, Messages etc.

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