Ultra: Customise your Ultra Course

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This guide relates to Blackboard Learn ULTRA

Customise your Ultra Course

When you open your new Ultra Course or Organisation there are a few things you will need to do to customise it.

Class Register

From the Details and Actions menu use Class Register to manage course enrolments. You can add any members of staff who will require assess to the course to help build and maintain it.

You may wish to remove some staff who have been copied over to this new course this is also possible.

See our guide Manage and enrol users for more details.

screenshot of Organisation Staff, Details and Actions menu, Class register link

Set Primary staff

The Course Staff list above the Details and Actions menu will show the names of the two leaders/instructors who are either alphabetically first or have been identified as Primary leaders/instructors.

Select which staff members you wish to appear here by setting specific staff as Primary.

See our guide Ultra: Course Staff for more information.


Add Course Banner Image

With the Ultra Course template you can choose to add an image.

The Ultra Organisation template will be created with a temporary image.

  • You can replace this image with an image of your own choice.
  • You can choose to turn off the image showing in the course at all.

See our guide on the Ultra Course Banner.


Progress Tracking

Decide whether you would like to Turn on Progress Tracking.

Progress Tracking allows students to keep track of which items they have viewed, giving them the option to “mark as read” an item they have opened.

screenshot of Student's Progress Tracking

It is also possible for instructors to see the how many students have opened, marked as complete or submitted to the item.

See our guide Progress Tracking for more information.




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