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This guide relates to Blackboard Learn ULTRA


Journals are a place for students to privately communicate with you or as a self-reflection tool.

Students can make unlimited entries.

Creating a Journal

To add a journal, hover over the area in the Course Content you wish to insert the journal and click the plus sign.  From the Add Content menu select create.

The Create Item panel will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. The Journal option is listed at the bottom of this panel.

screenshot of Crete Item panel with Journal option circled.

When the journal is created, there are two optional actions:

  1. Add a name to your journal will make it easier for students to locate
  2. Add a prompt to tell students what the purpose of this journal is.

The journal name and prompt can be edited at anytime.

Journal Settings

Click on the settings cog icon in the top right-hand corner to open the Journal settings. The settings options are:

  • Grade journal – This Journal counts for a mark
  • Allow users to edit and delete entries
  • Allow users to edit and delete comments

Setting Up a Graded Journal

Ticking the Grade journal box will allow for the journal to be marked. The will reveal further options in the panel.

  • Due date
  • Mark category (leave as journal)
  • Mark using (Points, Percentage, letter, complete/incomplete)
  • Maximum points
  • Add a Rubric

My making your journal a graded journal a marking column will automatically be added to the Gradebook.


Commenting on a Journal

Students can make journal entries and add images and links to them as well by either clicking on the plus sign or paperclip icon.

Once an entry has been written up, it can be posted to the students journal by clicking post in the bottom right.

You can make navigating a students multiple journal entries easier by changing the number of items per page that you can see.

Support and Feedback

If you need further assistance please feel free to raise a support ticket via the Self Service Portal.

To report a problem with this page, request alternative formats or to make suggestions please contact us.

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