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Ultra: Create a Discussion on your Ultra course

Discussions allow interaction within a course or organisation. Discussions can be created in a specific content area, or through the discussions tab where all discussions can be accessed.

In this article you will be able to see how to:

Where Discussions can be created

It is possible to create a Discussion in a few places in an Ultra course.

The Discussion tab

Click on the Discussions tab in the top Navigation bar, this will open the Discussion page that lists all Discussions on the course.

In the top right-hand corner there is a “New Discussion” button which will open the Create Discussion screen.

screenshot of Discussions tab and the "New Discussions" button on the Discussions page

When created in the Discussion tab Discussions will appear at the bottom of the Course Content area.

The Course Content

If you wish to add discussions to specific content areas, you can create a discussion within content.

Click Create and select Discussion, this will open the Create Discussion screen.

Plus create button and Discussion option

When created via the plus sign menu on the Course Content the Discussion will appear at the point at which the plus sign was clicked.

Create a Discussion

In the Create a Discussion page add the name of your Discussion.

Add the content you wish to discuss – the initial prompts or questions you wish students to reply to.

The discussion title and content boxes.

Open the Discussion Settings using the Settings Cog in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Please note the settings cog will only appear once you have given your Discussion a name.

Discussion Settings Cog

Select the Settings you wish to apply to the discussion including:

  • Display on Content Page – This can allow you to only link to the discussions through the Discussions Tab
  • Post first – Students must reply to an initial post before being allowed to add their own threads to the discussion.
  • Prevent Editing – This mean students have to keep their original messages and cannot edit or delete them.
  • Mark Discussions – Discussions can be marked and be part of the over all module assessment.

Discussion Settings Options

Mark Discussions

If Mark Discussions is selected additional options will appear in the settings panel.

  • Due Date
  • Stop discussion activity after due date
  • Mark category
  • Mark using
  • Maximum points
  • Add Rubric

screenshot of marking options for Discussions

Group Discussions

If you wish for the discussion to be split over groups, you can select to Assign to Groups.

Assign to groups option in Additional Tools options

Select or create the groups which will be used.

Groups have separate channels and cannot see the other groups. Instructors can see all groups.

Shot of one of the group discussions.

Guide last updated on January 18, 2024

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