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Take Home Exams

Important information!This guidance has now been updated with recommended settings for Summer 2021 Exams

Recommended settings

Recommended settings for Take Home Exam submission points (Word document) Updated for Summer 2021 

  • This is designed as a working document for Programme Administration teams, to help them apply consistent settings for the Exam submission points and tests.
  • The document details our recommended settings. Some settings are marked MUST DO – they have been agreed at University level and must be applied to all Take Home Exams.
  • Academics: if you have questions about the settings being applied for your module exams, please check these with your Programme Administrator in the first instance.
  • EMA Integration for Take Home Exams

Take Home Exams on your Blackboard course

  • A ‘Take Home Exams 2021’ area will be added to the course menu of every module where there is an Exam (April-July 2021).
  • This area will contain
    • A copy of the generic Coversheet which is being inserted into all exam papers.
    • Details of where students should go for help.
  •  The ‘Take Home Exams’ area is also where Programme Administrators will upload Exam papers and create submission points – to become visible at 10:00 UK time on the day of the exam.

Take Home Exams Practice course

Before the end of the Spring term, all students sitting Summer 2021 exams will have access to a Take Home Exams Practice course.

The Practice course is intended to give students the opportunity to test downloading and uploading documents, understand what instructions they will see on exam papers, as well as to identify and resolve any technical issues ahead of the exam period.

All types of submission points are available, and this will allow the students to test the different exam types Schools will have set. The Practice area will be open throughout the exams period and students can access it, and submit to it, as many times as they want.

Students on modules using Gradescope for exams this summer will also have been enrolled on an additional Gradescope course.

If you wish to check out the resources that students have access to, you can can self-enrol on any of the Practice courses.

Guidance on marking Exams

Please note that much of this guidance is generic, not specific to marking assignments for exams.

Marking Blackboard Assignments

Marking Turnitin Assignments

Blackboard Tests



Guidance to students

Coronavirus COVID-19 advice and support

Exams guidance (awaiting 2021 update)

TEL support resources for students about Take Home Exams (currently being updated for 2021)