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Expiry and retention of Teams recordings


This guidance applies to recordings of Teams meetings made since 10th July 2022, which are stored in the ‘Recordings’ folder of your institutional OneDrive (or a corresponding folder in a shared Team). It does not apply to Teams recordings made before this date which are stored in Stream.

For information on locating your Teams recordings, see the DTS Knowledge Base article, Teams and Stream: Where are my recordings?

Expiry of recordings

Teams meeting recordings are saved for 90 days and then automatically deleted unless the meeting owner changes the recording expiration date.

As the expiry date approaches, you will see a warning icon against that file in the Recordings folder:

Teams recording due to expire

You can expand this message to see further details:

Teams recording due to expire - details

When the expiry date is reached, the recording moves to your OneDrive Recycle Bin, and you will receive an automated email:

Teams recording expired email

Restoring an expired recording

If you need to retain the recording for a longer period, you can do this via the Recycle Bin: select the file and then click Restore.

The file will be restored to its original location i.e. your Recordings folder.

Not sure whether to retain the video?

In some cases you may need to watch the video to remind yourself what it is, and decide whether it needs to be retained. You will have to Restore the file before you can watch it.

If you then decide that the video does not need to be retained, please Delete the file, to put it back in the Recycle Bin.

Retaining a recording for Teaching & Learning

Restoring the video to your Recordings folder does not set the appropriate retention policy, as laid out in the Retention Schedule for Recorded Content.

Any video being used for teaching and learning purposes should be retained in the Recordings folder only as a temporary measure.

The video should be

  • downloaded from OneDrive (not necessary if you already have a copy of the video on your computer)
  • uploaded to YuJa
  • then deleted from OneDrive.

As part of the upload process you will be required to identify and apply a suitable Schema Tag.

The recording will then be retained for the correct period, as laid out in the Retention Schedule.

Guide last updated on September 27, 2022

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