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Microsoft Teams

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Polls in Microsoft Teams

Before you start with polls Only meeting owners and presenters can create, manage, and launch polls. Meeting attendees have the ability to respond to polls, but they can’t edit them. Although they use the same platform, Polls are not the same as Microsoft Forms. You should enable Polls in the meeting before you use them.

Polls in Microsoft Teams

MS Teams: Making a recording

Important: Please refer to theĀ Policy for the Recording of Teaching and Learning Activities (Learning Capture) This policy provides information on the overarching expectations for the use of Learning Capture and how recordings can be used and shared with students, plus the key legal and data protection considerations. Transition from Stream (Classic) to YuJa: All video

MS Teams: Making a recording

Introduction to using Microsoft Teams in Teaching and Learning

What is Teams? Teams is an online collaboration tool from Microsoft. A ‘team’ is a dynamic workspace that allows members work together and interact in one place. AĀ team is made up ofĀ ‘channels‘ in which you and your students can: Post chat messagesĀ and have conversations, Store and share links, images and files, HoldĀ meetings for interactive sessions

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