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Gradescope: Link Blackboard and Gradescope courses

When you have set Gradescope up in your course, clicking on the link opens Gradescope in a new window.

The first time you do this, if you are an Instructor or Teaching Assistant you will see an invitation to link your Blackboard course to a Gradescope course.

Programme Administrators: you no longer need to change your role from Teaching Assistant to Instructor in order to do this.

Select A new Gradescope Course

Link to new Gradescope course

A new Gradescope course will be created. The Course Number and Course Name will match the Blackboard Course ID and Name.

There is no need to change any of these settings.

Do not tick the box next to ‘Allow students to enrol via course entry code’.

Gradescope course linked to Blackboard

When done, press Update Course.

When you first link your Blackboard and Gradescope courses, it is a good idea to Sync the Roster.

You can then proceed to create an assignment.

Editing your course settings

You can edit settings at any time by going back into the Gradescope course and selecting Course Settings from the collapsible left hand menu.

 Gradescope Course Settings

Guide last updated on January 4, 2023

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