Gradescope is an electronic management of assessment solution that is part of the Turnitin portfolio being used at the University of Reading, facilitating online exams and coursework that can include handwritten answers, diagrams and formulae.

Key Information

Gradescope has a number of assignment types that incorporate multiple choice questions, programming code, worksheets and more.

Gradescope can be used for timed exams, including additonal time for individuals. It can be used to mark scanned and handwritten work/papers or bubblesheets.

A rubric can be used to mark each question, created either beforehand or whilst marking, it can be adapted whilst marking and carry through changes to all papers.

Marking is possible with multiple markers, allowing team marking and multi-question exam marking.


How it Works

The unique components of Gradescope that may make it useful for your assessment are its’ efficient marking workflows and particular capacity to process handwritten coursework/answers.

– Horizontal marking workflows (marking each question across all students and proceeding to the next)
– A.I clustering, that reads and groups student answers, such as formulae, diagrams, calculations or characters, to allow bulk marking
– Flexible and adaptable marking rubrics that can be expanded and adjusted during marking
– Organisation of scanned papers into an online submission, including bubble answer sheets or scanned PDFs.

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