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Importing and Exporting Groups

It is possible to export groups from Blackboard Learning Ultra and original, it is also possible to import groups to Blackboard Ultra from other Ultra courses or original courses. Please read this guidance as there may be some caveats.

Importing and exporting groups

To export a group

Exporting a group allows you to save a copy of the group set (names, descriptions and number of groups) and the membership of those groups. You can export groups to other Blackboard courses and use them as a fresh set to enrol students to, or you can export both groups and group members, however there would need to be the same student enrolments on the course you are importing to in order to retain membership.

  1. Locate existing group and use the dot menu to select Export

screenshot of three dots menu on a Group set in the Groups page

  1. Choose which fields you want to export, group sets, members (or both)
  2. Click Export file

screenshot of Export Groups panel

  1. A success banner will appear explaining that you will receive an email when export is complete
  2. On receipt of the email, follow the link back to groups page

screenshot of export group email

  1. On the groups page use the dot menu to select Export again, once in the export from groups panel open the Export tab, the groups will be listed there.

screenshot of Export tab

  1. Download the file for the group to your local device (it will be a .zip file)
  2. Unzip the file which contains .csv spreadsheets, with one being the groups and the other being members (if doing both)
  3. Next steps will be going to a Blackboard course and importing.

To import a group

Importing groups allows you to copy the group sets and potentially group membership between Blackboard courses.

  1. Click import group set

screenshot of Groups page with Import Group set link

  1. If importing a group set: select upload file and choose a groups.csv file from your local device
  2. You will be emailed when the groups are imported, follow the link in the email or refresh the page if still on Blackboard
  3. Open the imported group and make any edits as required, such as change the group set title

screenshot of imported group

  1. If importing group membership, open your new group set and click import group members
  2. Click assign members tab and upload the group members.csv from your local device

screenshot of Import Groups panel with the Assign members tab open

  1. You will be emailed when membership is imported, follow the link in the email or refresh the page
  2. Save your groups

Support and Feedback

You will find answers to some technical queries by searching for YuJa in the Service Desk Knowledge Base.

If you need further assistance please feel free to raise a support ticket via the Self Service Portal.

To report a problem with this page, request alternative formats or to make suggestions please contact us.

Guide last updated on February 23, 2024

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