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Managing Groups

  • Managing groups

    Managing groups

    Editing groups

        1. Open the group set dot menu and select Edit.
        2. In the group menu, there are various actions you can take like reassigning membership, unassigning membership, changing group types, messaging groups and importing or exporting groups.
          edit menu item in a group
        3. Save.


        • Changing group membership will affect where group release conditions have been set, meaning students may lose access to some content items.
        • You will not be able to make changes to groups if they have been used for a group assessment where submission or feedback have been completed.

    Messaging groups

    You are able to send a direct message to group members, which will appear as an email in their student Outlook account.

        1. Open the group set dot menu and select Edit.
        2. Select the group you want to message and click the group dot menu.
        3. Select message group.
          message group menu item inside a group
        4. Complete your message in the field.
        5. Click Send.

    Deleting groups

        1. Open the group menu and select Delete
        2. When prompted if you’re sure you want to permanently delete a group, select Delete (or Cancel if not)deleting a group


      • Be aware that deleting groups is irreversible and you will need to recreate them if they are needed again.
      • If you use an existing group set to create a new group set (a copy) then deleting the original will not affect the new copied group set.
      • Deleting group sets attached to assessment or content Release Conditions will cause those group release conditions to be removed.
      • If you delete an assessment or content item that has groups attached to it, the group sets will not be affected.

Guide last updated on February 23, 2024

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