MS Forms

Microsoft Forms is a browser-based app that allows you to create surveys, polls and sign-up sheets.

You can include several question types, including multiple choice, free text and Likert scale.

Question Types list: Choice, Text, Rating, Ranking, Likert and Upload File.

You can review responses to your form online, present them online or export the results to use in Excel.

The Forms that you create can be distributed via email, linked to MS Teams, QR code or embedded into Blackboard.

How to create and share MS Forms

Create MS Forms

Please see these Microsoft help pages

Group Access

If you create a Form in a Teams group all the members of that group can access the form Reponses, which can be helpful in some cases. 

In the MS Forms window your Teams groups will appear under you recent forms list. Select a group and you will see all the forms created in the group, the Options New Groups Quiz, New Group Form and Quick import will appear at the top of the page.

To embed a Form into Blackboard Ultra

  1. In Forms go to Collect responses
  2. then click on the embed icon </>
screenshot of MS Forms "Collect Responses" page with Embed Code selected.
  1. Click Copy to grab the embed code.

Now go to your Blackboard Ultra course and open or create an Ultra Document.  In the Ultra Document use a HTML block to paste the embed code and embed the form.

See our guide Create an Ultra Document, specifically the section on building blocks in a Document/Add HTML.

Guide last updated on December 14, 2020

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