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Supported Internet Browsers

Which browser should I use to access Blackboard and Turnitin?

CQSD TEL’s preferenceGoogle Chrome, both systems are compatible with the most recent versions of the main browsers: Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari.
TurnitinGoogle Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, for more information see Turnitin system requirements.
Blackboard Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Microsoft Edge, for more information see Supported Browsers for using Blackboard.

The Blackboard Compatibility Checker

When you use the Browser Compatibility Checker, the checker opens in a new page and displays the browser and version detected. Most browsers update automatically and so will be within the supported version spectrum. However, it will also indicate if you need to update your browser to the latest, most secure, version.

Please Note the last two items Cookies and Pop-ups . These will indicate whether there are any of your settings or programmes which are blocking new windows from opening within Blackboard or Turnitin. Allowing these specific access will not compromise your general securtity settings, but will allow any vital functions – such as tests – in Blackboard to work.

Showing the results of the browser compatability check

Guide last updated on October 3, 2022

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