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Using Question Banks and Pools in Ultra Tests

In Ultra you can use Question Banks to reuse questions or to add Pools to your test.  Pools comprise of multiple questions which you can present all or some of to students within the test canvas. You can reuse questions from other tests as well as Question Banks.

Please note:

  • Pools in Ultra tests is the equivalent to Question Sets or Random Blocks in Blackboard Learn original.
  • Question Banks in Ultra tests are equivalent to Pools in Blackboard Learn original.

See Tests in Ultra: Key Changes guide for further details.

This article will discuss:

Create a Pool in a Blackboard Test

Open the question type menu

Click the Plus button and choose questions

Choose Add question pool

Add question pool option on question menu

Choose the questions you wish to add to the pool.

The Add question pool question bank

Select Add Questions

Choose number of questions to display to students and Save

Question pool number of questions display options

Edit Your Pool

Edit the number of questions displayed to students

The more options Edit and delete menu

You can edit the number of questions displayed by selecting the more options menu and Edit.

Question pool number of questions display options

Enter the necessary number and click Save.

You can change the points designation for each question here too.

Click into the points field and enter the correct number. Click Save

Showing where to change the points value for each question in the pool

You can do both at the same time before clicking Save

Edit the Questions In the Pool

To edit the questions in the pool click View questions.

View Questions button on the pools module

This will display all the questions in the pool.

Click Edit/Remark to edit the question.

Click Remove from Pool to discard the question.

Edit remark and delete more options menu items.

Click Add question to add further questions to the pool.

Add question button

Reuse Questions

Select Reuse Questions from the question menu

Reuse question option in the question menu

Select the test questions you wish to reuse. Click Copy Questions.

An edit of the reuse question page showing a selected question and Copy Questions button.

The questions will appear individually in the test where you added them.

Guide last updated on May 3, 2024

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