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Create Blackboard Tests

This guide will cover:

Create a Test

Select the Plus button Create.

Content Plus button create button

On the right side menu select Test.

Menu Create Item Test option

The test canvas will open. Name the test.

You can edit the test name in the top left of the page

Add Questions to a Test

Select the question types you wish to use. Here you can add new questions or reuse questions from previous tests or your course question bank.

Click the Plus button and choose questions

Test Settings

The test settings allow you to make the test fit your specifications for assessment. Most settings are unticked by default; by selecting some settings, some options are automatically ticked.

Test settings details and information. Highlighting date and time submission area.

Details and Information

Select the date and time for the Due Date of the test.

Select options by checking the box. The default is to allow students to complete the test after the due date. Choose whether to prohibit late submissions or new attempts after the due date.

Presentation Options

Question Presentation Options

Choose how to display the questions in the test to students. Question all at once or one at a time, in order or randomly.

Formative Tools

Choose whether you wish to mark this test as a formative test to remind students

Formative assessment checkboxes

Marking & Submissions

Choose the number of attempts students will have for the test.

Choose whether you wish to Mark using Points or Percentage

Marking and Submissions options

Assessment Results

Click any of the Submission results options to edit when results and feedback are shown to students.

Results options

Use the drop down menus to set results and feedback timings to best suit your need.

Expanded results options menu with timings of when to show submission feedback.

Additional Tools

In additional tools you will be able to set a timer for the test, and decide whether the work will be submitted when this time limit is completed or whether the student has extra time to complete the work.

Additional tools menu.

Use the drop down box to set this post deadline timer.

Time limit options.

You will also note that you can also assign to groups and add a rubric in line with the Blackboard Assignment interface. However on tests this is not able if using timed tests.

Group options

Guide last updated on February 6, 2024

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