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Organise and Manage Discussions

Whilst your discussions are mainly managed within the discussion itself, on the Discussions page, you can help students find what they need and keep the area organised.

A link to the Discussion page can be found on the top navigation bar in an Ultra course.

screenshot of Ultra navigation bar with Discussions circled.

This guide will cover:

Discussion Area Options

The Discussions page lists all the discussions in the course.  There are some options on this page to help you manage your discussions.

New Discussion

Create a new discussion in the Discussion page. Click the New Discussion button.

New Discussion Button

Add Folder

You can organise discussions into folders. Click Add Folder.

Name the folder and add a description if needed.

You can then move any discussions into this folder.

Displaying moving a single discussion into a discussion area folder

Hide Discussions

Show or hide discussions. You can set the visibility for each discussion. You can’t hide the entire Discussions page.

If you hide all discussions individually, the page appears empty to students.

Please note that an individual discussion will be visible to students or not in both the Course Content or the Discussion page it is not possible to hide it in one place and not the other.

Settings Cog: Allow Students to Create Discussions

The Settings cog button

The Discussion page settings cog opens the settings area. The Permissions currently are to allow students to create discussion topics. This is not selected by default, and so all discussions have to be started by instructors.

Tick to allow your students to create discussion topics.

screen shot of Discussion page setting with the option "Allow students to create discussion topics"

Students will see the option to start a discussion when they view the Discussions tab.

screenshot of student view of discussion tab with start new discussion option available.

Manage Posts

You can manage your own posts as well as other posts in the discussion. Students can do this if allowed in the discussion settings.

Click the more menu to:

  • Edit a post

Discussion post More menu and Edit post

  • Delete a post

Discussion post More menu and delete post

If you delete the discussion topic and responses and replies exist, everyone is informed about the deletion. The deletion message also appears if students delete discussion topics they created.

Guide last updated on January 9, 2024

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