Staff Forum at the University of Reading

Employee Representatives of the Staff Forum actively discuss and seek practical solutions to improving your working experience. As part of this, we bring forward your questions, ideas or concerns to senior management.

Staff Forum also helps the University to inform and consult with employees grades 1-5 but is not a trade union. The University of Reading has a formal recognition agreement with the University and College Union (UCU), giving them sole bargaining rights for staff on grades 6 and above.

What does an Employee Representative do?

  • Voice ideas, questions and concerns at termly meetings
  • Provide updates on projects and committees they attend
  • Influence and challenge management on staff related matters
  • Comment on University proposals and policies that impact staff
  • Provide support to colleagues via e-mail, 1-to-1 meetings or group sessions

Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of an Employee Representatives in the Staff Forum Handbook

Working together

Employee Representatives meet frequently to:

  • Build and maintain consensus for a unified approach
  • Work on projects or consultations
  • Attend training events (e.g. ACAS)
  • Promote the value of the forum


To stay informed and influence decision making, Employee Representatives attend committees & project teams including:

  • Health and Safety and Welling Committee
  • People Plan Project
  • Equality and Diversity Board Committee
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Well-being Project

Consultation & Information Agreement

The Staff Forum operates on the terms of its Consultation & Information Agreement, signed by the Vice-Chancellor and Co-Chairs. It details our purpose, remit, size and constituents.