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Staff Forum comprises of up to 22 Employee Representatives and 2 Employer Representatives covering 4 constituencies: Schools, Academic and Governance Services, Estates and Functions.



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Employee Representatives in 2018

Employer Representatives

Sam Foley

Chief Financial Officer

Samantha Foley has a BA Joint Honours Degree in English Literature and American Studies and she is a chartered accountant fellow of CIPFA . Samantha was previously the Director of the Government Finance Academy, where she was responsible for the creation and leadership of a new Academy providing high quality learning, development and talent management to circa 14,000 government finance professionals. Prior to that, she was the CFO for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and has held other senior finance leadership roles across Whitehall. She initially trained as an auditor with the National Audit Office.

As Chief Financial Officer at Reading, Samantha has responsibility for managing the University’s finances, investments and business support, together with the provision of other services such as commercial activities and procurement. She is also a key member of the University Executive Board, with a particular responsibility for staff engagement.

  • Sam is a co-chair of the forum.

John Brady

Director of Human Resources

I am a member of the Staff Forum in my capacity as Director of Human Resources. Encouraging good and effective employee relations is one of my professional responsibilities and the Staff Forum is one very useful avenue for promoting this.



Employee Representatives

Steve Guest – Chair

Building Support Officer, Campus Services.

Representing: Estates

I joined the University in January in 2017 working as a Building Support Officer. In February of 2018 I joined the Staff Forum and stepped up into the role of Co-Chair, alongside James Magee. Since becoming Co-Chair, I have helped with the creation of ‘Get Together’ and helped get the Well Being projects. I am immensely proud of what the Staff Forum has accomplished and look forward to seeing what the future brings.



John Jack – Deputy Chair

Senior Studio and Workshop Technician, Technical Services.

  • Representing: University Functions
I joined the Staff Forum in January in 2018. I think that constructive interaction between all sections of the University community is in the best interest of all members of the community and a prerequisite for the long term sustainability of the University. Being a member of the Staff Forum has allowed me to contribute to facilitating such interaction and to take part in it by working collaboratively with colleagues across the community.

John Jack

Sarah Hinton – Deputy Chair

Programme Administrator, Student Services.

Representing: University Functions

I joined the University in March 2018 working as a Programme Administrator for the School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences. In July 2019 I became a member of the Staff Forum to help represent the views of various colleagues who felt that previously their voices had been overlooked, particularly during recent periods of change. Since becoming a member, I have valued the opportunity to meet other members of staff across the university and to work together to help improve the general working experience here at Reading.

Siân Walsh – Deputy Chair

Executive Administration Officer, School of the Built Environment.

Representing: Academic Schools

I joined the Staff Forum in March 2018. I saw the advertisement on the Staff Portal and thought it would be a great opportunity to get more involved in the university community. I am keen to be involved in maintaining and improving the working experience for all colleagues. Joining the Forum has been a great way to meet colleagues from other departments and areas across the university. I have also learnt a lot more about what resources are available for staff on campus.

Dana Allen

Executive Support Administrator.

Representing: Academic Schools

I joined the University in January 2018 working as Executive Support Administrator in the Department of Meteorology. In January 2019 I joined the Staff Forum after attending a Staff Drop-in Session.  I was really impressed with the enthusiasm and hard work that the current members showed and instantly wanted to be part of the team.  Since joining I have been involved in the Staff Drop-in Sessions and Get-Togethers.

Daniel Bateman

Dept. Administrator (Client Relations); Marketing & Reputation, Henley Business School

Representing: Academic Schools

I love working at the Henley Business School and the University of Reading, and have had a great experience since joining in 2018 – though I know that this isn’t always the case for all of our colleagues, and that needs to change.

That’s why I joined the staff forum; to make a positive difference for colleagues who face challenges and difficulty, and to give a voice to those staff who feel overlooked or like they’re excluded from the wider University community, so that they can instead focus on making the most of their roles (and maybe even look forward to getting into work every day!).

My first opportunity to make a difference came as a volunteer for the Henley Business School Hives initiative, focusing on New Starters and working to make sure that all new staff had the support and information necessary to get a running start at Henley – something I’m still very proud to be involved with today.

I’m passionate about improving working life for everyone across the University, and am dedicated to providing colleagues with strong representation to make their opinions and concerns heard in a way that makes a real difference to all of us working at the University.

DB profile pic

Rhodri Buttrick

Service Desk Analyst.

Representing: University Functions

As a member of the Staff Forum, I want to contribute to the already strong sense of community that underpins life at the Reading.  I see my role as listening to, understanding and representing the concerns of my colleagues, while also supporting to the overall objectives of the University.

I graduated from the University of Reading with a philosophy degree in 2012 and returned in 2017 to work on the IT Service Desk.  Between times, I have worked in radio as a presenter, producer and event host (BBC, commercial radio and Kiss FM Portugal).  I also have experience in digital communications, including social media, blogs, podcasts and video. I contribute to the wider Reading community as a volunteer at Hospital Radio Reading and run a monthly comedy club.


Greg Goddard

Head of SportsPark.

Representing: University Functions

I joined the University in March in 2008 working as a Duty Manager at the SportsPark, in 2012 I was promoted to Operations Manager and in 2020 promoted to Head of SportsPark. The SportsPark is a fantastic facility on campus offering a great range of health and well-being options for staff on campus. I joined Staff Forum after attending a few of the ‘Get Together’ Sessions. I loved the work they were carrying out on campus to support one another. I’m looking forward to my future at the University of Reading in my new role at the SportsPark and on Staff Forum.


Emma Marshall

Receptionist, School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences.

Representing: Academic Schools

I have worked at the University since November 2014 and in February 2018 I became a representative for the Staff Forum. I joined the Forum to become a voice for my fellow colleagues. Communicating ideas, concerns, and opinions are important to me and being part of the Forum allows me to speak up and make their voices heard.

Becoming a representative has given me the opportunity to meet and work with colleagues from across the University.


Emma Marshall

Ellen McManus-Fry

Prospect Research Officer.

Representing: University Functions

I’ve worked at the University since 2017 as a prospect research officer in the Alumni and Supporter Engagement Office. In June 2019 I joined the Staff Forum, after I got involved in one of the Staff Forum welfare projects to establish dedicated facilities for nursing mothers on campus. I really appreciate the opportunity that being a staff representative gives me to have a voice and help make the University an even better place to work.


Sarah Nye

Strategy and Space Officer.

Representing: Estates

I joined the University at the end of 2015, but I am a new member of the staff Forum joining just after Christmas (2019).  I work in Estates part time for Strategy and Space, dealing with space data collection and analysis as well as planning for the Universities current and future space needs.  I hope to use my knowledge of the campus and its operations to help the Forum represent all elements of the University and bring forward the wide ranging and diverse views of my Estates colleagues.

Jack Paulley

Student Complaints and Discipline Officer.

Representing: Estates

I joined the University in 2016 and work within Governance as the Manager of the Student Appeals, Complaints and Discipline team.  Over the years I have invested heavily in helping to improve the University community by volunteering my time to act as a Harassment Advisor, a HARC Advisor and a Wellbeing Peer Support Advisor.  I have also volunteered my time in helping to run over 500 graduation ceremonies! Most recently, in 2019, I joined the Staff Forum with the aim to continue to help improving the University community and the overall staff experience.


Lisa Powles

Occupational Health Administrator.

Representing: University Functions

I joined the Staff Forum at beginning of 2018, having only been at the university six months.  Shortly after I joined the university the results from the staff survey were published and being new I was really interested in how I could help build on the working experience for all colleagues.  I also felt it was a great way to get involved with colleagues from other departments I would not normally have a chance to work with.