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Staff Forum comprises of up to 22 Employee Representatives covering 4 constituencies: Functions, Estates and Campus Commerce, Academic and Governance Services and Schools.

Join US by completing the nomination form below.


We currently have 18 members with 4 vacancies in the following constituencies:

Constituency Staff Forum Representatives Grades 1-5 Staff Forum Representatives Grades 6+
 Functions including Interdisciplinary Institutes and VC’s office (excluding those within Academic and     Governance Services and Estates and Campus Commerce) 0 0
 Estates and Campus Commerce 3 0
 Academic and Governance Services (CQSD, Library & UMASCS, IT, Legal Services, Governance, PSO,   HR) 1 0
 Schools 0 0

Updated June 2019


How to apply

Please complete the nomination form here.

You can either nominate yourself or a colleague, with their agreement.


Next steps

  • The nomination form needs to be forwarded to Rachel Thorns, HR Partner
  • If the nominee(s) for a constituency has a vacancy and does not exceed the numbers as set out in the Information and Consultation agreement (April 2018), the nominee will be appointed automatically as a Representative. Further details of appointment of representatives and term of office can be found in the agreement (attach link to agreement)
  • Confirmation of appointment as Staff Forum Representative will be confirmed by HR.


We look forward to welcoming you to the Staff Forum and to the next termly Forum meeting.