Blackboard Learn: My Marks – Locating your marks and feedback

When submitting work on Blackboard, your lecturer should provide you with online feedback and/or marks. You will be able to view this when it is made available:

1. Go to ‘My Marks and Feedback’ in the course menu

My Marks and Feedback

On courses prior to 2019-20, 'My Marks' is shown as 'My Grades'.

The screenshot below shows the various parts of the My Marks and Feedback screen

The My Grades view with labels and buttons highlighted


If 'My Marks and Feedback' is not shown on your course menu, but there is a link to Tools, you can take this route to access your marks.Accessing My Marks from the Tools area


2. Access feedback for a Blackboard Assignment

Blackboard Assignment: Viewing your marks and feedback

3. Access feedback for a Turnitin Assignment

Turnitin: View marks and feedback

4. Access feedback attached to Assignment

Accessing attached feedback

5. Access feedback for a Blackboard Test

Blackboard Tests: How to access your marks and feedback

6. Access My Marks from the Global Navigation panel

You can also access My Marks from the Global Navigation panel, in the top right of the Blackboard screen:

Global Navigation - My Marks icon


Global Navigation - My Marks

In this view

  1. select the Course you’re interested in
  2. then access the list of assignments on the right.
Please Note:

All marks in Blackboard are provisional.

Late penalties will be applied only in RISIS, not in Blackboard.

To see your final mark, please go to the RISIS Portal.

See Understanding my marks in Blackboard and RISIS

Help Video

Watch this video from the Blackboard Help Site to see how to access your marks and feedback: