Resolving issues when submitting to Turnitin using Safari on macOS

Note: Turnitin has fixed this issue. All students should be able to submit Turnitin Assignments using Safari. If you still experience the issue, please check whether the file you are submitting is accepted by Turnitin. Please visit Turnitin File Requirements page to check supported file types and requirements.

The issue: You may experience issues while attempting to submit a Turnitin assignment via Safari browser. For example “file never uploading or getting stuck on the loading screen”. Please follow the instructions below to fix the issue, or please contact us on for assistance.

Note: Google Chrome is the preferred internet browser for use with Blackboard (and Turnitin). Please consider downloading the “Chrome browser“. Please visit “Supported Browsers” page to find out more about Blackboard and Turnitin browser support.

Solution: Change Privacy preferences in Safari Browser and ensure the file format is supported by Turnitin

✅ Please ensure that the file format is supported by Turnitin (click here to check Turnitin file requirements).

✅ Please ensure your browser privacy settings are not preventing the file upload (i.e. “Block all cookies” and “Prevent cross-site tracking” options are unchecked).

Below are the steps on how to change the privacy settings:

To fix the issue, users may need to change privacy preferences in “Safari” browser. Please follow following steps to change the privacy settings and removing cached websites. To find out more about privacy preferences in Safari on Mac please click here.

Step 1: Please ensure “Block all cookies” and “Prevent cross-site tracking” options are unchecked.

Go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy tab. (uncheck the options if they are already checked ✅)

Snapshot of Safari Privacy settings

Step 2: Next click “Manage Website Data” button.

Step 3: Look for and remove following three cached websites, or just click on “Remove All” to clear all the websites from the list:

  1. –
  2. –
  3. – or

Snapshot of Safari Privacy settings

Step 4: Click “Done”

Step 5: Close and reopen Safari

Step 6: Try uploading the assignment again.

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What to do if you encounter issues submitting to Turnitin 

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