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Preparing for online submission

Online submission checklist – read this first

Students entitled to special arrangements (green stickers)


Submitting to Turnitin

Submitting to Turnitin

Turnitin file requirements

How to submit to Turnitin from your mobile phone

Check: has my Turnitin submission been successful?

The Turnitin Similarity Report

What is the Similarity Report?

View and interpret the Similarity Report

Types of matched text

What doesn’t the report show?

I can’t see my Similarity Report

Blackboard Assignments

Submitting to Blackboard assignments

Check: was my Blackboard submission successful

Blackboard Tests

How to take a Blackboard Test

Presentations and video assignments

Blackboard Assignment: Uploading Video Files

Presentations and other Video files



Marks and feedback

Finding your marks and feedback

My Marks – Locating your marks and feedback

Screencast: Find your marks and feedback

Turnitin assignments: Finding your Marks and Feedback

View marks and feedback for Turnitin assignments from previous academic years

Blackboard Assignments: Viewing your marks and feedback

Blackboard Tests: How to access your Marks and Feedback

Making good use of the feedback you receive

Assessment and Feedback
guide from the Study Advice team on how to approach, interpret, and use feedback on your assessments, as well as how to be constructive in your feedback to others.


Take Home Exams
preparing for Take Home Exams work and submitting your work to Blackboard

Exams and assessments (Essentials website)

Regulations, policies and guidance

Support Centres – where to get support

Online Assessment & Feedback (Essentials website)

Assessment Handbook

Online Submission Protocols

Understanding assessment marks in Blackboard and RISIS
Why your mark might be updated in RISIS after it has been released in Blackboard

Student Progress Dashboard

Exceptional Circumstances

Exceptional Circumstances

Self-Certification for an extension due to Exceptional Circumstances

Guidance for students who are awaiting the outcome of an exceptional circumstance request for an assessment