Blackboard Learn: My Marks – Locating your marks and feedback

When submitting work through Blackboard, your lecturer should provide you with online feedback and/or marks. There are a number of ways you will be able to view these once they are made available:

Go to ‘My Marks and Feedback’ in the course menu

My Marks page showing the top menu options, All, Marked, Upcoming and Submitted. Marked has been circled.

On courses prior to 2019-20, ‘My Marks’ is shown as ‘My Grades’.

The screenshot below shows the My Marks screen.

  • The top menu gives All, Marked, Upcoming and Submitted as filter options.  Check you have the correct filter selected when looking for feedback.
  • The top right-hand corner Order by menu gives the options of  Course order, Last Activity, Due Date (latest/oldest first).

My Marks page with top menu filters and order options. List of assessments, each with details of assessment tool use, date of assessment Mark if marked. In addition Rubric and comment bubble icons

  • Each assessment is listed with details of the assessment tool used (Assignment, Turnitin, Test etc.), due date and the date the work was marked date.
  • The marks are given at the far right of each assessment row. Typically work is marked out of 100, but the total marks possible is always shown.

Always click on the assignment title to make sure you see all of your feedback

  • The assessment titles are written in bold blue, click on the title to access full feedback for the assessment.
  • There are two ‘short cut’ buttons used with some assessments:
    View Rubric links directly to the feedback provided in a rubric (Blackboard assignments only)
    The speech bubble icon brings up summary feedback comments. Not all assignments will have speech bubbles.

Accessing specific types of assessment

Blackboard Assignment: View your marks and feedback

Turnitin Assignment: View your marks and feedback

Accessing marker feedback uploaded as a file

Blackboard Tests: How to access your marks and feedback

Gradescope Assignment: View your marks and feedback

Access My Marks from the Base Navigation menu

You can also access My Marks from the Base Navigation menu, on the left-hand side of the Blackboard landing page.

My Marks Activity Stream from Blackboard Main menu

In this view

  1. Scroll and use top menu arrows to locate a specific course.
  2. Recently released marks will appear under the course name.
  3. Click on the assessment or course to open the My Marks page.


Please Note:

All marks in Blackboard are provisional.

Late penalties will be applied only in RISIS, not in Blackboard. To see your final mark, please go to the RISIS Portal.

See Understanding my marks in Blackboard and RISIS



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