Blackboard: Adding a banner image to your course

šŸ’” This guide is for Original view courses and organisations. For Ultra view, please visit Ultra: Course Banner guide.


Banner size recommendations

  • The minimum recommended size for the banner image is: 1200 x 240 pixels (31.75 cm x 6.35 cm)
  • Images with text may not scale well. So consider using abstract images and keep the text centre align

How to add a banner image

Step 1: In your Blackboard course organisation, scroll down to Control Panel > Customisation > Teaching Style.

Blackboard menu highlighting Customisation, Teaching styles

Step 2: Towards the bottom of the page, under SELECT BANNER, click on Browse My Computer to locate and upload the image file you wish to use as a banner.

Showing how to Browse computer for a file and Submit button

Step 3: Press Submit, and the image will now appear at the top of your course landing page.

Demonstration of how the banner appears in the course

Creating a banner image using PowerPoint

Use this Simple PowerPoint banner template to generates a 1200 x 240 pixel image; see the notes on the slide for instructions.

Or follow the steps below to create your own:

Step 1:Ā Open a new presentation.

Step 2: Click Design, then Slide Size and Custom Slide Size.

Customising your banner in powerpoint

Step 3: Enter 31.75 cm as width, and 6.35 cm as height.

custom size pop up window

Step 4: Add images and text to the PowerPoint slide as desired. (keep content centre align).

Step 5: When done, save the PowerPoint file as image (JPEG or PNG).

Using the tools function whilst saving

Step 6: You will see this dialogue box: choose Just this one.

Export warning box

Support and Feedback

If you need further assistance please feel free to raise a support ticket via theĀ Self Service Portal.

To report a problem with this page, request alternative formats or to make suggestions pleaseĀ contact us.

Page last updated on June 30, 2023 by Asif Muhammad

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