EMA Integration: Blackboard Blogs

This guide is relevant to the following Mode of Submission: Blackboard Blog

Important information!
Integration creates a gradable Blog, with a link to the Blog in the Assessment area of the course.


You will need to edit the Blog settings e.g. provide instructions for students, and check / edit the assessment settings.
You may also want to change the blog from a course blog (i.e. one blog for the whole course) to individual blog (i.e. a separate blog for each student).


Configure Blog settings

Blog settings are controlled from Control Panel > Course Tools > Journals.

However there are certain settings – notably Display After / Display Until dates – which have to be applied both to the Journal itself, and to the link to the Journal in the Assessment area of the course.

For full details, see Blackboard Blogs, Journals and Wikis: editing settings applied by EMA Integration.

Individual or Course Blog?

By default the blog will have been created as a course blog i.e. there is just one blog for the entire course, rather than each student having their own individual blog.

To change this setting:

1.    Go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Blogs.

Blogs area accessed going via the control panel

2.    Locate the Blog and from the contextual menu select Edit.

In the blogs area clicking the grey chevron menu and selecting Edit

5. Under BLOG PARTICIPATION change the default setting, ‘Course’, to ‘Individual to all students’.

Edit Blog type


Important information!
Entering instructions for Blogs is the academic’s responsibility.

Likewise applying optional settings such as ‘Allow Users to Edit and Delete Entries’, and choosing the setting for ‘Show participants in "needs marking" status’ (i.e. deciding if students should appear in Needs Marking every time they make a new blog post, or less frequently).



Please note: a Blackboard Blog is always visible to other students on the course.

If you want students' posts to be private, you need to specify the RISIS Mode of Submission as Journal rather than Blog.