Blackboard Collaborate: Managing large sessions

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As session leader you can invite participants who are not enrolled on your Blackboard course to join your Collaborate session. You can also change participants’ roles and manage them through the ‘Participants panel’ – for example, by responding to questions if they raise hands.


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Session capacity

The current attendee capacity for a single session is 500 simultaneous participants.


Large session feature availability

Sessions with a large number of attendees can be difficult to manage and run. Sessions with over 250 attendees automatically have some of the standard features turned-off to prevent disruption.

These include:

  • Share Audio,
  • Share Video,
  • Post Chat messages,
  • Draw tools,
  • Breakout Rooms.

NOTE: Any of these features can be turned back on during the session (except Breakout Rooms, this feature is permanently disabled for sessions with more than 250.)

For more see Blackboard Collaborate: Large class sizes.


Tips for running large sessions:

Check your Session Settings are correct before the session starts.

Have a co-presenter to help facilitate the session with you; especially if you are allowing chat messages and in case you have any unexpected issues.

Ensure the session is well planned and has opportunities for the attendees to actively engage to keep their attention.

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