EMA Integration: Changing the Mode of Submission

Helpful tip!


For an assessment where the wrong Mode of Submission has been specified in RISIS.

Different steps will apply, depending on what the Mode of Submission is being changed from / to.

Enhanced Grades Journey – from September 2019

  1. Change the Mode of Submission in RISIS.
  2. When the Integration runs, Blackboard will be updated as follows:
    • If the new Mode of Submission generates the same result in Blackboard, no updates will be applied.
      If changing from Turnitin to Multipart submission – both generate a Weighted Total column in Blackboard, so no change will be required.
      If changing from Blackboard Assignment to Blackboard presentation / performance – both generate a Blackboard Assignment, so no change will be required.
    • If the new Mode of Submission generates something different in Blackboard
      e.g. changing from Blackboard Assignment to Turnitin
      – the original Grade Centre column / submission point will have NOT IN USE appended to its name
      – a new Grade Centre column / submission point, matching the new Mode of Submission, will be created.
  3. Grade Centre columns marked as NOT IN USE will not appear on the Grade Approval screens, so there is no danger of inadvertently sending marks back to RISIS for a redundant assessment.

Enhanced Grades Journey – summary of the changes

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