Audio-only recording

You may wish to create audio-only or podcast style content as part of your teaching delivery. YuJa supports the upload of audio files, which are auto-transcribed and captioned for improved accessibility. The auto captions can be edited to further improve accessibility in the same way you would edit a YuJa video. You should not upload audio files directly to Blackboard.

Always ensure you have a quality microphone when recording audio-only or audio-focused content.

If you wish to record audio only content you may wish to consider the options below:

Audio Only

Depending on the device you use, there are a variety of ways to record audio content, including:

Your device may output audio content in a filetype other than mp3. We recommend checking YuJa’s supported file types before attempting to upload your file. If you have an audio file in a non-supported format, you can use Handbrake or VLC Player (both available via Apps Anywhere) to convert your files.

Holding Slide + Audio

A holding slide allows you to provide a static visual accompaniment (such as a thumbnail image or title/description) to your audio content, which can improve the experience for some users and make it easier to locate embedded audio-only content.

Slide Transitions + Audio

You may want to create content that is similar to screencast content, where audio narration is accompanied by a small number of screen transitions, such as changing background images or holding slides that change when a new topic is introduced. To create this kind of content, follow the steps for Holding Slide + Audio above, or our screencasting guidance.

Be aware that, if the narration relies on being able to see the accompanying slide content, you should ensure these are described in the narration or an alternative format is provided.

Page last updated on October 18, 2022 by mattjones

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