EMA: Student resubmissions following a system outage


The Assessment Handbook Section 6 Annex 2 Online Submission Protocols – 1.6 System Difficulties identifies procedures to be followed in the case of a system outage affecting the ability of students to submit work. In specified circumstances this will lead to assessment deadlines being extended by 24 hours.

In this situation, students who had already submitted before the system outage are entitled to take advantage of the 24 hours’ extension and  resubmit their work when the system is back up, and prior to the revised new assessment deadline.

Depending on the the type of assessment, and the settings applied, once the deadline has been extended in Blackboard students may be able to resubmit without any additional work by Programme Administrators. This will be the case where a Turnitin or Blackboard assignment allows unlimited attempts.

The following guidance covers situations where students are unable to resubmit without further intervention by administrative staff.

Blackboard assignments

If the assignment is set to allow a limited number of submissions and a student is not allowed any more attempts there are two options:

  1. Increase the number of attempts allowed for this assignment by 1 (allows all students to resubmit) – use this where it is expected that there will be a large number of students wishing to resubmit.

    Blackboard assignment - increase number of attempts

  2. Preferred Option: Choose “Allow Additional Attempt” for the individual student who has requested to resubmit.
    See how to allow an additional attempt.

Turnitin assignments 

If the assignment is not set to allow resubmissions the student will not be able to make a new submission. There are two permitted options:

    Edit the Turnitin assignment settings: under ‘Generate Similarity Reports’ change the setting to ‘immediately (can overwrite reports until due date)’. This will allow all students to resubmit.
    See Turnitin: How to set up an assignment
  2. ONLY IF THE STUDENT CAN’T SUBMIT the file themselves
    Ask the student to email you the file, so you can upload on their behalf.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you delete the student’s existing submission, so that they can submit again.



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